Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Advantages of acquiring 14K gold chains

In case you have made a decision to invest your money in golden jewelry, then there’s nothing more reasonable than to get the real gold chains. Attempting to find the most appropriate to your style design which also matches your preferences you shouldn’t forget such an important aspect as quality of gold.

Gold quality is typically determined by its karatage or karats number. The fact is that gold is extremely soft metal. So, if you pick pure gold jewelry, featuring 24 karat, you could be confronted with such troubles as scratches as well as other wear marks on your precious article, showing up just after few times of wearing. Those people, who definitely are thinking about quality and long life their golden jewelry, should select the products, that can be characterized as 10, 14 or 18K gold. These metals, where gold makes not less than 40 %, are definitely the most ideal for a regular wear.

Here we recommend you to opt for the golden mean, i.e. 14K gold that can be rightfully regarded as the best alternative due to the fact that it comprises 60 % gold and is much less expensive than 18K or 24K gold. The European stamp of 14K gold is usually "585 fine". It’s adequate for the pieces of jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bends and chains, which you simply are going to wear regularly. Getting a 14K gold chain, you can be positive that it’s strong enough and won't easily tarnish. It implies that this type of piece will serve you during decades and can be even transferred to your children by due care.

If we think of 14K gold chains, aside from their wear properties and cost, we are undoubtedly focused on their aesthetical features. When you’ll compare two pieces of 18K and 14K gold, you’ll see no difference, because they both have an intense yellow color. Regardless of this, the experts insist that the color of 18k gold is a bit richer.

Also, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that the beauty of your chain will depend greatly on the quality of its production. A chain, which happens to be manufactured amazingly, while having a unique design, draws the attention and will never look low priced. Thankfully, at present you will find a fantastic selection of chain kinds that are offered in diverse length plus thickness of chain link and created as for women as for men.

Finally, when you purchase a real gold chain, it is necessary to make certain regarding the reliability of jewelry seller in order to prevent any possibility of misleading. By the delivery your gold chain it’s critical to consider whether your item comes with a 14K stamp or not. Consequently, you can even test it by a specialist.